88 Days

Today is a significant day in my recent writing streak. It is my 88th consecutive day of writing fiction. That may seem like an unusual number to seem significant, but it is significant nevertheless. Throughout the previous 87 days, my daily fiction writing had been done at home, in available scraps of time, usually in the evening between getting the kids ready for bed and actually putting them to bed.

This weekend, however, we took the kids out of town for a long weekend getaway, and, although we are staying in a hotel, which alters our nightly routine significantly, I still managed to get in my writing this evening, ensuring that my streak continues to 88 days.

I did my writing, sitting in our hotel room, while the kids watched their nightly shows on NetFlix. I  didn’t get a whole lot of writing done, but the important thing is that I did get some writing done. If I can keep my streak going for 12 more days–less than two weeks, I’ll hit 100 consecutive days of fiction writing. I don’t intend to break my streak.

And–we all had a fun day today. We met some friends and then spent the day touring Longwood Gardens. Tomorrow, we are taking the kids to Dutch Wonderland.

How is your Memorial Day weekend going?


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