I’ve Got Moxie

After the Little Man’s t-ball this morning, we allowed the kids and hour or so to cool off at the spray park. Then we headed into Del Ray so that I could go to the butcher there to get some meat for grilling tonight. While there, we stopped in at Pork Barrel BBQ. I’d been past it many times, but never ate there–until today.

Their BBQ is pretty good–I had the pulled pork sandwich. But what I liked best about the place was the way cool selection of authentic bottled drinks. They had everything. And because they had everything, I had my first ever bottle of Moxie today, which I knew of, of course, but which I most recently read about in Stephen King’s novel 11/22/63:


It wasn’t bad: kind of light a lightly carbonated fusion of root beer and orange soda. Even better, was the bottle of Royal Crown cola that I had before the Moxie. This stuff was made with sugar and it was good:

RC Cola

Like I said, the BBQ was also good, but it was such a blast to see all of the drinks like these that they had spread out, bottles sitting on ice. They even had Grape Knee-High. Radar O’Reilly would love the place1!

  1. Hawkeye probably wouldn’t. The BBQ there was good, but not so good as I imagined the spare ribs to be in the M*A*S*H episode, “Adam’s Ribs.”


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