Quick Update: Delayed Going Paperless Post and More

This is just a quick update. I’ve been very busy the last four or five days and so I am behind on several fronts. Just a few things to update and then I’ve got to get back to tackling my list:

  1. Today’s Going Paperless post (a good one, I think) is going to be pushed until tomorrow. I don’t have the time I need to do a final read and polish and I don’t want to rush it. You understand, right?
  2. I sat in traffic this morning for the first time in years, returning from Dulles Airport after delivering my Dad there for his flight home. But you know what? I was listening to an audio book and the traffic didn’t bother me in the least.
  3. I found that I had the Audible version of Stephen King’s Joyland on my iPhone when I woke up this morning. I plan to start reading on my lunchtime walk today.
  4. I also received Lauren Beukes new novel, The Shining Girls today. This wasn’t on my recent list of spring/summer reads, but it sounded too interesting to pass up.
  5. If all goes well, Thursday will be my 100th consecutive day of writing fiction. After 100 days, I think I’ve got the rhythm down. I’ve also collected a lot of data, which I’ve started to put together into an interesting infographic. You can expect that on Thursday or Friday.
  6. My head is buried in SQL code today so if you don’t see me around much, you know why.
  7. Happy birthday to my brother, Doug. It’s his Jack Benny birthday today. I remember mine fondly.

Can you believe it is June already? My “busy” season is just beginning!


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