Travel Update and This Week’s Going Paperless Post

Yesterday was a hectic day. Post-Hugo morning excitement filled the hotel, so I didn’t get much writing done in the morning. I met with one of my best friends, Rich Peterson, who lives locally, and got to spend a chunk of the day with him, which was really nice, since it had been more than two years since we last saw one another. I had a flight home scheduled for about 5 pm, but it got canceled. The plane that was to take us came in with a flat nose gear. People were pretty irate, and that’s understandable, but the United Airlines staff got me re-booked on a flight this morning. Not ideal, but it wasn’t too bad either. It meant I got to spend more time with Rich, and see his wife Tricia (with whom I also went to college) and their kids. They put me up for the night.

I’m not on an 11:48 am flight back to Washginton/Dulles and am scheduled to get there just after 4 pm. I will hopefully be home an hour later and get to see Kelly, the Little Man and the Little Miss for the first time in a week.

Given the travel craziness of yesterday and today, I am completely unprepared for this week’s Going Paperless post. The post will come out tomorrow instead of today and I apologize for the delay. For those interested in reading a Going Paperless post today, I might suggest my post on Paperless Conferences and Conventions. I point this out simply because I spent the last 5 days at the World Science Fiction convention in San Antonio and I think these tips still come in handy for me.

I still have posts to do on the rest of Worldcon. I’m catching up as quickly as I can, but the posts are coming. Stay-tuned.


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