No Going Paperless Post This Week – Back To Normal Next Week

While I said on Twitter yesterday that this week’s Going Paperless post would be delayed by a day, it turns out I just don’t have time to get it in this week. Rather than stress about it, I’m going to take this week off. I’ll return to the usual schedule next week.

The day job is keeping me very busy, as always, but I am also in the final stretch of the first draft of the novel I am working on. Last night I passed the 87,000 word mark and I think I have only a week or two left before the draft is done. A lot of my time and attention has been focused there. I have never written a novel before, not even when I was younger. I’ve always thought of myself as a short fiction writer, and so this is a new experience for me and I really want to finish this draft.

Of course, this cuts into other things because there are only so many hours in the day. This week, it is the Going Paperless post that’s most affected. I apologize for that, but like I said, I’ll return to the normal schedule next week. And there are plenty of Going Paperless posts to catch up on if you need something to read this week.

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