The Gongaga T-Shirt

I have this great Gonzaga Bulldogs t-shirt that Kelly got for me a while back. It is a soft, comfortable t-shirt and I wear it fairly frequently because I like it a lot.


The thing about the t-shirt is that is a natural magnet for questions, the first of which always seems to be “Did you go to Gonzaga?” No, I didn’t.

The next question, naturally, is “Are you a fan?” Yes, I am. The thing is, I could not name a single player on Gonzaga or tell you how they are ranked or what their record is. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single game.

I am a fan of Gonzaga because it is the alma mater of Bing Crosby, of whom I am also a very big fan. I’m a baseball fan and I don’t follow the NBA, let alone college basketball, but when the subject comes up, I always offer that I am a Gonzaga fan to avoid killing the conversation. I sometimes have to explain why I am a fan, and now I have a post to which I can point people.

One comment

  1. Sounds like a good reason to be a “fan” to me 😀 then again I hale from NC – I have strong opinions about college basketball even when I haven’t watched a game or known rankings or scores or anything in years… But your story is more interesting… My final solution to people trying to turn me into a fan of some team is explaining that the few teams I like never do well (even more so if I watch so I don’t anymore) so no they really don’t want to turn me into a fan of their team after all!


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