Four Year Anniversary

It’s me and Kelly’s four year wedding anniversary today. We will likely be celebrating next week (when we can more readily arrange for a babysitter). Tomorrow, the Little Man is scheduled for some minor surgery and we didn’t to go out leaving him home with a sitter the night before the surgery.

I often reflect on how lucky I am to have met Kelly. She knows me very well. Let me illustrate this with an example. We are not big on presents for anniversaries and birthdays. Even so, she knows what interests me. She’s gotten me science fiction books before. She’s made framed pictures of magazine covers where my stories have appeared. She has sent me to a baseball game. But she also knows the little details. The very small details. She knows, for instance that I’m a Bing Crosby fan. A lot of people know that. I’ve written about it here. But she knows that while I am not a follower of college basketball, if asked who I’m rooting for in March, I always say Gonzaga. I say this only because it was Bing Crobsy’s alma mater. So this morning, for our anniversary, she handed me an unwrapped gift: a Gonzaga Bulldogs t-shirt. How cool is that!

So here we are, the happy couple, four years later. And here is my favorite recent picture of the two of us, taken in the spring:



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