Four years in Maryland

Today, August 1, marks my “official” 4 year anniversary living in Maryland. “Official,” because I actually moved out here on July 28, 2002, but I didn’t start up at work until August 1, so I use that date, because it’s a nice round number.

I was reminded of this upcoming anniversary a few days ago when I received in the mail a renewal for my car registration. Has it been four years already?

It also marks a more obscure anniversary: four years of having never driven into the office where I work in Arlington, Virginia. Back when I lived in L.A., I commuted for eight years between Studio City and Santa Monica. It was 20 miles, and I left early enough in the morning (5 AM) to avoid traffic. But that same 20 miles at 5 PM usually meant I’d get home at about 7 PM. When I moved to Maryland, one of the big pluses was access to the Metro. There is a Metro station about 1-1/2 miles from my house. I take the Metro to work every day and it’s a half an hour each way. The Metro stops underneath the building in which I work, which is very convenient in the winters.

It is a matter of pride with me that I have managed to avoid driving into work for four years. I wonder if I can pull it off for another four?


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