“God, I Love Baseball”

I got to go to the third league division series game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Nationals yesterday at Nationals park. I’ve been to countless major league baseball games, but this was the first time I’ve ever been to an MLB playoff game. As it turns out, it was a somewhat historic game, the first home playoff game for a Washington team since 1933.

I’ve been to Nationals Park six or seven times before, but this was the most crowded I’ve ever seen it. I was lucky–my friend who gave me the ticket had Diamond Club seats: great seats, with all kinds of perks, but even so, the park was packed to the gills. Red rally towels were handed out to everyone as they came into the ballpark and when I looked around the stadium, it seemed that all I could see was red:


The Nationals lost–were really blown away by the Cardinals yesterday. In the last 2 games I think the Cards outscored the Nats 20-4. Still I diligently kept score throughout the game, although I did so on paper because I didn’t want to bring my iPad to the stadium. Here are my scorecards for those interested.

Cards NLDS Game 3.PNG
Cardinals Scorecard for Game 3 NLDS

And here’s the Nats’ scorecard:

Nats NLDS Game 3.PNG
Nationals Scorecard for Game 3 NLDS

Despite the Nationals now being down 2-1 against the Cardinals, yesterday’s game was a lot of fun for me. I might be a die-hard Yankees fan (and way to go Raul Ibanez for keeping us ahead last night!) but I am a baseball fan above all else. I love the game, I love the history, and I love watching the teams play. And what better time to watch then in the post season when we get to see the best teams square off against one another. It is really so much fun.


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