Michael Sullivan’s Book Launch at One More Page

Last night, I attended Michael J. Sullivan‘s book launch for the latest book in his Riyria Chronicles, Every Rose Has Its Thorn 1 at the One More Page bookstore in Arlington, Virginia. It occurred to me, while there, that it was the first book launch I’ve ever attended. Here is Michael, speaking to his fans/fellow writer’s group members.

Michael J. Sullivan

In addition to my first time at a book launch, this was also my first time in One More Page bookstore, which is odd since it is within walking distance of my house. It is a lovely bookstore, geared for the community and for book launches. The staff was wonderful and there was wine and a cake. There are all kinds of books and local authors are featured there. If you live in the area and have never been to One More Page, I urge you to go in and check it out. Supporting local bookstores is a Very Good Thing.

And speaking of supporting local bookstores, I bought a copy of the first two books of the Riyria Chronicles while at the bookstore and then stood in line while Michael signed them. When he asked to whom the books should be signed I told him to make them out to “Ebay.” He then asked me if I had ever read any of the Riyria books. Well…

Look, I read a lot. Michael and I are in the same writers group and I have read some of his short fiction and a good portion of a novel that I think will never see the light of day, although I could be wrong about that. (Too bad, really, because I think there was Guinness in that novel.) Michael has critiqued a few of my stories, always with good feedback; he has also given me good advice about the writing life. We have drank beer together in bars and we have even been to each others houses.

But no, I’ve never read any of the Riyria books. I confessed this to him again while he signed my books last night. I admitted, however, that I did have the first book of the original Riyria series in my audiobook stack. Naturally, he signed my book, “I hope you read these someday.”

Also at the signing was Michael Cummings, who on Twitter goes by @kodermike. It was the first time we met in person and it was great getting to hang out with him and chat for a while. He managed to get this giddy picture of me, but somehow, I failed to get a picture of him.

There were other members of our writers group there and I chatted with them for a little while, but at 8 pm sharp, I headed home. I promised I wouldn’t be out too long. It was fun and I’m glad I got to go.

And in all seriousness, congratulations to Michael on his book launch. Even if the title of the book will forever remind me of a Poison song.


  1. I know that isn’t the title, but I take my Poison jokes where I can find them. The actual title is, of course, The Rose and the Thorn.



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