This post is for Michael J. Sullivan

Best-selling fantasy novelist and fellow Arlington Writers Group member Michael J. Sullivan said to me and writer and group member, Jess Stork this evening: “I expect to see blog posts from both of you tomorrow morning.” This said, after a number of beers were consumed by all in the fabulous outdoor atmosphere of the Northside Social in Arlington before going our separate ways. I think he meant is as a dare. I don’t know if Jess will get a post up tonight, but since I haven’t written one yet today, this is it.

With all of you as my witnesses, therefore, I have risen to Michael’s challenge, met his (admittedly low) expectations while at the same time, squeezed out a post (such as it is) all before heading off to bed with a copy of the July 1940 Astounding (I’m about read Heinlein’s “Coventry”).

Good night all. Kelly and the Little Man are back home tomorrow. My relief knows no bounds!


  1. Careful, people might get the notion that Arlington is the new 1920s Paris and we writers spend our evenings sitting under the stars outside coffee shops drinking, carousing, and discussing literature and the human condition to all hours.

    Humm…well now that I think about it…

    Wouldn’t it be a kick if a decade later, due to the number of renown talents to come out of it, Arlington was glorified in the 2010’s for being the hub of the literary Renaissance, then known as the Golden Age of the New Millennia. People would flock to the Writer’s Walk of Fame, a city tour where they would follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest poets of all time when they walked from Jess’s apartment to RiRa. Each tourist imagining being her, and what it was like to carry a moleskin notebook filled with the seeds of genius.

    And oh, yes, the famous parking garage where JTR (as he is then affectionately known world-wide) used to park his vehicle (back when they still had that quaint privately owned combustion-based transportation.) The garage being a museum of science fiction history now with a marble statue of JTR out front wearing a Yankee’s jacket and typing a blog post.

    Downtown Arlington: the heart of it all, in an age of classic wonder. Something just must have been in the water.

  2. Absolutely, Sullivan. This is why I keep those boxes of my old journals. Some day, critics will analyze my entries about middle school crushes for literary symbolism.

    I’m totally ashamed that I didn’t make the post that night. Guess I’m the slacker, Jaime. Sorry! I’ve been working on adding pages to the blog with samples of my writing, and it took up a bunch of time. So I compromised. I posted about my pages. Also, I was totally bowled over when I saw that you actually kept the title of the post. Lol, it never hurts to have a little fun with the blog.

    Also Sullivan, when you’re done with Ryria, you really need to write the future travel book for Arlington… I’m intrigued.


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