A brief update

I was so busy with work yesterday, followed by the return home from vacation of Kelly and the Little Man, that I never posted yesterday. Despite that, I had quite a large number of hits on the blog–or perhaps I should say because that? Today is equally busy because it is the last day of the Little Man’s spring break and I am staying home with him while Kelly is at work. And there is a lot to do: we have guests in town this weekend and I am still in the process of doing some cleaning; something that is tricky with the Little Man in constant need of attention. We also have a little grocery shopping left to do and then we pick up my dad at the airport late this afternoon.

In other news, I have finally started reading some of the other stories in the June Analog, and I have to say they are terrific. I mean really, really good. If you haven’t gone out and gotten the issue yet, you should and not just because my story is there. It will be well worth it. I’m deep into the July 1940 Astounding which I’m looking forward to finishing on Sunday and then writing up Episode 13 of my Vacation in the Golden Age. There’s some interesting stuff in this issue. And I have a short story (novelette. actually) that I promised to read and which I hope to get read today if I can find the time.

No writing in the last few days, but I’m feeling a little better about it than I was on Tuesday. I’m trying a slightly different approach now, like a batter adjusting his stance at the plate: I’m getting out of my head and just writing. We’ll see how it goes.

And our state and federal tax returns have been deposited, which seems to be a lot faster than last year.

Should be back to a normal posting routine shortly.


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