Halfway Through a Busy Weekend

This is one of those unusually busy weekends. It began yesterday. Kelly picked up a bunk bed for the Little Man and Little Miss (they want to sleep in the same room). I then assembled the bunk bed. I timed the assembly. It took me 4 hours and 20 minutes. But the kids were happy with the result and they slept on it for the first time last night:

Bunk Bed

Yesterday evening, we took the kids to Boo at the Zoo, an annual Halloween celebration at the National Zoo. They dressed up in their costumes, the Little Man as Iron Man, the Little Miss as a lady bug, and trick-or-treated all around the zoo. The kids had a great time, and they even had a beer stand for the grown-ups.

Today, Kelly went out for the day with her friend. They went to the Navy game at Annapolis. Given how many conferences I’ve been able to go to, leaving her with the kids, this was something she more than deserved–a day with her friends away from the kids. So today it has been me and the kids since about 9 am.

I took them both for a haircut, nothing extraordinary, except for the fact that it was the Little Miss’s first haircut ever. We spent a lot of the day playing with toys. We had lunch, and then we went upstairs to watch a movie. We only got partway through Star Wars (the original) before they were both asleep. The Little Miss insisted on sleeping in her new bed, but the Little Man slept in our bed.

After the nap, more playing. We have ordered pizza and are awaiting its delivery. But as I said, this is only halfway through a busy weekend. Tomorrow:

  • The Little Man has t-ball at 9 am.
  • We are heading over to a nearby state park after that for a Halloween train ride.
  • After that, we head into Del Ray for a Halloween parade.

The fun never stops. I am already exhausted. But the kids are having a good time and that is what really matters.


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