How Science Fiction Can Save the Day, Ep. 1

When you’ve spent your day getting the kids dressed, taking the Little Man to t-ball at 9 am, coming home, and then driving to a park for a Halloween train-ride that lasts less than 10-minutes, but for which you are required to wait in line (I kid you not) 1 hour and 47 minutes; when you let the kids burn off a little steam at the playground, then rush across town to a Halloween parade, fight traffic to find a parking spot a mile away, and make it to the parade just in time to catch the chaos at the end; when you visit another playground to allow the kids to burn off more steam, then head to dinner, where you consume a large beer; when you arrive home with kids who had a good day but are now tired and cranky, but a little too restless to nap; when your allergies have been acting up all day, and you are not too enthusiastic about the fact that it is Sunday and that means returning to the day job tomorrow; when you finally finish the rest of your chores, take out the trash (of which there is a lot more than usual thanks to the bunk bed you spent four hours building on Friday); when you go through the nightly rituals, getting the kids into their pajamas, making sure they get their milk, watch their shows, read their books, brush their teeth and listen to their music before getting them to bed; when the kids are finally asleep and you can relax…

That is when sitting down with a book like Old Mars can really save the day. The only problem, of course, is that by the time you reach this point, you are simply too exhausted to keep your eyes open for more than a paragraph or two.


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