The Reason Things are a Little Quiet Here

If you’ve noticed it has been a little quiet here this week, you are an astute observer. There are several reasons for the quiet:

  1. Capclave is this weekend and I am in the process of preparing for 6 panels, 2 of which I am moderating, plus a 90 minute talk on technology for writers (with Bud Sparhawk). The preparation takes time.
  2. I am getting close to finishing the first draft of a new story (the second story I’ve started after finishing the novel draft back in September). That takes time as well.
  3. I am in the process of doing the final revisions to the first story, now that I’ve gotten feedback from all of my beta-readers. That takes time.
  4. I am reading for my next book review column, which I have to turn in early in November. The reading, of course, takes time.

All of these things are in addition to the day job, the family, and the run-of-the-mill tasks and chores that go on every day. The government might shut down, but I don’t. And so my time for blogging has been less than usual this week. I do hope you find my excuses good enough, and I will try to do better next week.


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