Another 100 Consecutive Days of Writing!

Last night, I added about 1,200 words to the current story and that made it official: I have, for the second time this year, reached 100 consecutive days of writing. For those just tuning in, I began to try to write every day back on February 27. I wrote for 140 consecutive days before I missed a day. I wrote another day, and then missed one more day. Those two missed days took place while I was attending the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop.

After that second missed day, I got back into the saddle and started over. My goal was to break my 140 day streak and then keep going. Last night, I managed to make it to the 100 consecutive day mark. The last day on which I did not write any fiction was July 21, 2013. Here is a chart that plots the 7-day moving average of my fiction writing over the last 245 days:

Another 100 Days
Click to enlarge.

As of last night, I have written fiction 243 out of the last 245 days, for a grand total of about 214,000 words of fiction. This includes the novel that I wrote between March 1 and mid-September. That is very likely more fiction than I have written in the last 10 years combined. And I have no intention of stopping. This has become part of my routine. I look forward to it for both the creative outlet, the stress relief it provides, as well as the challenge of keeping the streak going.

If my math is right, I will break my 140-day streak (in 41 more days) on Monday, December 9, just a few days before we head on our end-of-year vacation.

How should I celebrate that milestone? I’m open to suggestions.

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  1. Hi Jamie,

    Comments quiet on this post so I’ll dive in. How do you celebrate? Do a family thing. Take them out to a park, a simple meal the kids will enjoy, a quiet and simple celebration that includes those closest to you, those most affected by the lack of you when you are focused and alone with your writing.

    No need for carpe diem or red paint, trumpets or beaten chests. Just celebrate and share with those close to you.


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