Two Social Media Updates of Note (Goodreads and Twitter)

Just a couple of updates I wanted to mention with regard to me and social media, specifically Goodreads and Twitter.


I think Goodreads is a swell social environment, but I have found that it is just one too many for me to keep up with. I have stopped putting the books I’ve read in Goodreads; I don’t post reviews there; and I very rarely visit Goodreads these day. That said, almost every day I get a request to add someone as a friend in Goodreads. I am fine doing this, but please understand that I just don’t have the time to keep up with Goodreads. Other than the fact that my blog gets replicated there, I no longer actively participate in that particular social media. I will still accept friends, but if you are looking for updates on my book like, I urge you to check these authoritative sources, which are kept up-to-date:


I have gone through a recent purging of folks that I follow, getting rid of those accounts that don’t really tweet. I’m sorry if I dropped you. It isn’t personal, it’s just that I never saw anything coming from the account and I figured it was dormant. I am now down to following about 350 people, which I feel is close to the maximum that I can manage and still keep up. I am in awe of those people who follow 1,500, 15,000, even 150,000 people. I have no idea how they manage to keep up with so many. I can barely keep up with the 350 I follow.

I am spending my weekend doing day job work, getting ready for two software rollouts that are intertwined, both of which I have been working on for a long time now. It is eating up my weekend, but I am looking forward to getting these two projects into the wild and off my plate. As it stands, I have a backlog of projects and I need to move on.

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  1. Jamie,
    I totally hear you. I’m trying to figure out what to cut out, so that writing, marketing, social connections happen without over impacting the day job and my family. Feeling like the Cat in the Hat balancing the cup and the cake and the rake and the fish! Unfortunately my house looks like the scene right before the Cat comes back in to clean up all the things that are down!

    Thanks for continual good thoughts on writing, going paperless and productivity.


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