Three Screens in My Day Job Office

A few days ago, I upgraded to 3 screens at my day job office. I did this mainly because I found myself switching too much between my laptop screen and the external monitor. One more monitor, it seemed to me, would help make things more efficient.

Three Monitors

From left-to-right, I use the (new) large 24″ monitor for my active development, usually in SQL Management Studio or Microsoft Visual Studio 10. The center (17″) monitor is used to display results. So I can compile and/or debug in the large monitor and see the results in browser windows in the center monitor. The laptop screen is used for email and jotting notes in Evernote.

Incidentally, the version of the Dell laptop that I have does not support 3 monitors. I had to get a VGA USB display adapter in order to drive all three screens at the same time. Still, once I plugged in the adapter and connected the monitor to it, everything worked, and now, I have it setup just the way I want it.


  1. I love it! I have often felt that three screens would make my digital world a bit easier. Currently, I use my laptop as a separate computer and have two screens hooked up to my desktop, which runs Windows. The laptop runs Ubuntu (I love Ubuntu; not so much love for Windows, though).

    I find that I can have Evernote running on one specific screen, keep my email open on another, and have various things running on multiple desktops on my laptop (I love the amount of desktops Ubuntu affords me). I wouldn’t mind having four screens in the future.

    Multiple screens and desktops allows me to efficiently manage social media, conduct research online, and write (usually in a Google Doc) at the same time. It helps to have all the information at eye level.

    Love your set up!

  2. I hadn’t even bothered to wonder if there was such a thing as a ‘VGA USB display adapter’. Can you share the make and model you’ve got and let us know if there is requisite software/drivers needed?

    Good thing you aren’t 100% paperless or you’d have to crane your neck downward to look at the monitors. 🙂


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