What I am Writing – Mid-November Edition

What with all of the writing I am doing, I am asked, from time-to-time where do you get your ideas what I am working on. Well, I just finished a piece of flash fiction set on Venus (that’s right, Venus). Here are the other projects I am working on (and wrap up) before I start on the second draft of my novel next month:

  • An alternate history that looks like it might grow from a short story into a novelette. At least in the first draft.
  • A nonfiction article that will (hopefully) appear sometime next year in–well, why don’t we just wait and see.
  • I also agreed to write a space opera-ish story for a project I was invited to participate in–and one that sounds intriguing.

I don’t know how much I’ll actually get done before I return to the novel, but I would really like to get the first two items done. I figure I’ve got another 3-4 weeks before I’ll start writing the second draft of the novel, so that gives me some time.

What are you writing this month?


  1. I’m a week away from starting the last bit of revisions my agent requested on my novel. Then out on submission in early 2014!!!!

    I’m also working up the outline for the sequel but am in the very early stages of that.


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