A Minor Change to Commenting on the Blog

I mentioned late last year that I’d be making some minor changes to the blog beginning in 2014. I made one of those changes this morning, and it should affect very few people who comment on the blog.

Effective today, comments on a given post automatically close 60 days after the post is created.

I have 2 motivations for making this change:

  1. Many of my posts, particularly my technology posts, are timely and things can change quickly. For example, last year I was writing with iaWriter on my iPad. This year, I write almost entirely in Google Docs. Posts I wrote about iaWriter still get comments, however. This will help in these cases.
  2. You wouldn’t believe the amount of comment spam I get (or maybe you would!). Akismet, WordPress’s comment spam plug-in is a master of zapping the vast majority of it, but every once in a while, some get through that I have to zap manually in comment moderation. Limiting the duration of open comments on a post should help to cut down on this spam as well.

Just be aware that posts older than 60 days will no no longer allow commenting.


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