Blogs I’m Reading, May 2014 Edition

Every now and then, I get the question about what blogs I read. I’ve written about this before, but blog reading evolves faster than other types of reading (for me at least), and since the question has come up recently, I figured I’d share a few of the blogs that I try to keep up with on a daily basis.

These days, I use Feedly for my feeds, and skim articles there a couple of times a day. The ones I want to read, I send to Pocket, where I read them when I have time. And if I want to keep them, I send them from Pocket to Evernote1.

Here is how my feeds are categorized in Feedly today:

Feedly Categories

(The numbers next to the category are the number of unread posts, not the number of blogs in each category.)

As far as the thing I check every day, they include:

  • 538’s Data Lab. This is Nate Silver’s venture over at ESPN and it covers all kinds of cool and interesting data-based journalistic reporting. 538 actually has several feeds to help focus on various tastes. I think they are all worthwhile, but I mostly have time for the data lab.
  • ThinkUp blog. This is Gina Trapani and Anil Dash‘s new venture into friendly social media metrics. I was an early bird supporter and I really like what they are doing.
  • 27GoodThings. A blog run by Mike Dariano, which interview people three times a week and asks them to list 3 good things to read, 3 good things to watch, and 3 good things to use. I’m always getting good ideas here.
  • The Buffer Blog. The official blog for the Buffer app, but also an amazing open look into how to run a startup, as well as all kinds of other fascinating tidbits. I like this one a lot.
  • SF Signal. The Hugo Award-winning science fiction news site. This is one I’ve been reading for a long time (and one for which I used to write a column) and it still keeps me in the loop with what is going on all over the science fiction world. John DeNardo runs the site and has to be one of the nicest guys in all of science fiction.
  • Whatever. John Scalzi’s site, and another one that I read every day. I think I’ve said before that John has been one of my role models when it comes to being a good blogger.
  • Gammons’ Daily. Peter Gammons venture into baseball blogging. Keeps me up-to-date on the baseball world.

Those are some of the blogs that I try to keep up with daily. Given the amount of time I have each day, that’s about all I can handle.

  1. Yes, I know Feedly just introduce a feature that allows you to send directly to Evernote and it is a very cool feature. But I use Pocket as a kind of buffer to keep my Evernote clear of stuff I haven’t already reviewed.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out and kind words, Jamie. When next we meet, we shall break bagel bread together. And if you’re lucky, I’ll let you buy ’em. 😉

  2. Ditto to what John said, but given our geographical separation, I’ll even offer to buy. HA! Happy Sunday.


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