Do You Have an Idea for a Future Going Paperless Post?

Every now and then, I like to ask folks for ideas or topics that they would like to see me cover in my Going Paperless posts. This is one of those times. If you have an idea or a topic that you’d like to see me cover, let me know in the comments. Don’t worry if it is something I might already have covered, but if it is, let me know if there is some aspect that requires clarification or more detail.

I’ll add the ideas I get to my list of future post topics.


  1. Would a comprehensive overview of your workflow, showing all the latest bits, be helpful to readers? Sometimes the BIG picture gets lost in all the pieces you give us week by week. A big diagram (I like yours!) would be helpful, starting with (1) Ideas, (2) Emails, (3) Web Pages, (4) Paper – as all the “incoming data.” (Is that a comprehensive “inputs” list?) Give us all the “routes” travelled by the data with links along the way to your articles on the relevant pieces of the puzzle and software utilized. Then wrap with details on retrieving the data and how you utilize the archives created, backups, etc. I know this is BIG but I believe would be useful to many at least once per year.
    Cheers, Mike

  2. First of all, thanks for your great content, from which I have learned so much. Your clarity of writing and organization of your material are excellent! I co-author a blog called Academic PKM, and write the posts for it called Links Roundup, and often mention specific posts from you. It is aimed at librarians and academic researchers. Not many of them are programmers so I find your posts that discuss your programs to be less useful for my particular audience.

    As for other posts… would you be able to go over some of the basics of Skitch? I just tried it for the first time and couldn’t figure out how to change the size and color of text. Being not good at details, I’m sure I’m missing something, but I couldn’t find a user guide. So a post that covers the basics such as you did with Evernote’s search syntax would be appreciated.

  3. Thanks for all the help you give. I would like to know how to make better “scans” with my cell phone/iPad. Maybe controlling the beast of over input. I want to cram tags and folders everywhere.

  4. What about how to best use the business card features?

    For example, I’m capturing this data via pictures, but I’m not sure how this is better than simply adding a contact to my Gmail contacts.


  5. What is your stand on the “one bucket” approach to saving? Do you use evernote for everything? I use Goodreads to track my book reading, Ravelry to track my crafting, and homeschoolskedtrack for my homeschooling because these sights do what they do very well. But, I see others who say to just keep everything in one place. What is your opinion/practice? What would you say are the pros/cons?

    Thank you for all of the great info you share with all of us!

  6. You are asking for ideas for your Going Paperless stories. I have a request, and other readers may benefit from it as well.
    I have started using checklists for everyday and everywhere tasks. I prefer to keep all in Evernote. I looking for a way to, on a daily basis, create a new note, say at 6:00 am, that would appear at the top of my notes, that is a daily checklist of tasks, events, etc. the basic ‘template’ would be the same everyday, the content would change when I enter it. Alternately, I need a weekly summary checklist, same concept.
    Do you have any ideas?
    Any assistance would be appreciated, Thank you.

    1. Hi Michael, you can do this automatically via

      Look after “Captain’s Log” for examples.
      It is possible to create a new note in a specific notebook every day and also append to-do lists etc. for example. Very great, I’m using it too to create my Captain’s Log for the daily weather, to-do’s and all social media I do within a day.

  7. A couple of ideas:

    How do you collaborate with your family in your paperless world? (using Evernote or other means, like shared TODO’s, sync’ed stuff, etc.)

    Do you have financial workflows involving Evernote and other financial management tools? (like Mint)
    For example, do you have workflows (automated or not) to sync credit reports, scanned receipts and such, between Evernote and some other financial management tool?

    What’s your workflow for writing posts? (as opposed to your fiction writing, which you discuss often)
    Do you use Google Docs for that too? Or the WordPress post composer?
    How do you backup blog content? Blog comments? WordPress configuration?

  8. Maybe something along the lines of “Google Scripting Evernote”?

    How to best use Evernote in conjunction with Google Apps.

  9. How about a grab bag of random tips, for those tips that don’t warrant a full post? For example, we all know that you can buy an Evernote ready scanner – but did you know on a Mac, you can set ImageCapture to scan directly to Evernote from your existing scanner? (followed by a “The More You Know” infographic, of course 🙂 )

  10. What about security. We heard a lot of shocking news from Edward Snowden. Thesecurity policies from Evernote are one thing but is the information really safe? So what can we further do to protect our data?


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