Shelving Books in the Early Morning

I volunteer at the Little Man’s school library. Because my schedule is so crazy, I picked Thursday mornings at 6 am as the best time to do my volunteer work. Kelly and the kids can sleep in a little on Thursdays, and I can get in my volunteer work before the day job starts. I did my first stint this morning. I arrived at about the same time as the school’s librarian. There was a cart full of books that needed to be shelved, could I do that?

There was no order to the cart, so I first ordered the books into piles by section, and then took the stacks to each section and shelved them. It was pleasant, mindless work, and I chatted with the librarian as I worked.

One side effect: as I was shelving the science books, I noticed a bunch of Isaac Asimov books on the shelves. In particular, books from the Gareth Stevens science series he worked on late in life. Now, I have most of the books Isaac Asimov wrote, fiction and nonfiction. However, I have only a few of the 30 or more Gareth Stevens books. So seeing this made me envious:

Isaac Asimov Library

It was fun working in the library early in the morning when almost no one else is there. There’s just something about being surrounded by books that feels good.

Oh, and I managed to shelved all of the books on the cart. It took me about 50 minutes, and I started a little slow, but picked up steam along the way.


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