I’m Alive, Just Tired, and Busy

I noticed that I hadn’t posted since last Thursday. Most of my time the last four days has been spent at the World Fantasy Convention, which took place just down the street from my office in Arlington, Virginia. It was a great convention, and I’ll try to do a write-up of my time there in the next few days. But it also was exhausting. I arrived home each night, and crashed, only to get up the following morning and head back to the convention.

I’m nearly finished reading American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer. It has been a fascinating read, but also incredibly frustrating, especially the parts about the AEC “trial” in 1954. I should finish that up today and tomorrow, move onto the new Stephen King novel, Revival.

I wrote everyday while at the convention, and I think I’m picking up steam on the 2nd draft of the novel. I’m still not far enough into it to know for certain that I’ve got the beginning right, but I’m optimistic.

All of this is to provide excuses for why I haven’t posted in a few days. I hope you can cut me a little slack.

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  1. Jamie, you definitely deserve some resting time. Don’t worry for us who follow you on Twitter, we’re informed immediately when you post something…


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