Another Snow Day

Another snow day

The snow began falling sometime around 2 or 3 am. By the time we woke up to start the day, schools had been closed, which made the kids happy. My office is open, but the roads are treacherous, and besides, the kids are home and they require our attention, so it is another snow day for everyone. On tap for today:

  • Finish reading the current issue of Wired.
  • Start on the current issue of Smithsonian.
  • Get through more of ‘Salem’s Lot.
  • Final touches to the new story based on beta-reader feedback.
  • Possibly start another new story.
  • Stay warm.

All of this, of course, in between keeping the kids entertained. Remember those days when it was possible to do just one thing at a time? Did those days ever really exist?

One comment

  1. I have recently been wondering the same question!
    Doesn’t look like a bad day though 🙂
    On top of it, you can also enjoy being with the kids. It wouldn’t feel the same if you were to face all those tasks the easy way…


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