Experimenting with a new look

Do not adjust your screen. I am experimenting with a new look for the blog. With the release of the Gutenberg editor (which I love so far, and about which I will have more to say in a future post), I am giving the Twenty Nineteen theme a try–a theme designed specifically for Gutenberg.

What I like about this theme:

  • The large, clear font for the main paragraph text–the text you are reading right now.
  • The clean, minimalist look of the page. It seems ideal for posts that contain a lot of text, rather than a lot of media. As my posts are mostly text, it seems ideal.
  • The seamless way the theme integrates with some of the new editor capabilities.
  • The way the Featured Image is displayed when looking at the individual post.

What I don’t like about this theme:

  • The lack of a header image when looking at the archive pages. It seems to minimize page identification.
  • The way the widgets are only accessible in the footer instead of the sidebar–although I am more than willing to make that tradeoff for a clearer, easier to read screen.

In any case, I figure I’ll try this theme on for size for a little while, making an adjustment here or there. If you’d got any thoughts on the look of the new theme, let me know in the comments.


    1. JM, one thing I don’t like about this theme is its lack of a default header that is consistent for every page. Instead I’m relying on (and getting used to) featured images. I’m still experimenting, but I’ll keep the typewriter cliche in mind going forward. Thanks for the feedback.

      1. Hmm… that seems like it could be a problem, or a big opportunity for someone less lazy than myself. 😀 Be able to use new images every time would be nice, as long as you can keep up with the required labor.

        1. Of course, you don’t have to use an image on every post, but it does make it look nicer. I think at this point, until I have more time to build a sub-theme like I did with the old look, I’ve got to figure out when it’s best to use a featured image and when it’s best to leave the post bare.

  1. The theme works well for your site! I’ve very tempted to switch too. I just need to figure out what to do with all of my sidebar widgets. I can probably shift some of them into another page, or even rethink some of them.

    1. Thanks, Paul. The only real complaint I have so far is that there is no header image option the way there was in Twenty-Thirteen, which is what I had been using prior to this.

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