The Mirror in the Bedroom

We spent several weeks clearing out our house to properly stage it for sale.The house sold on the very first day it was on the market, which was great, but it made me feel that all that decluttering was wasted. Now the house is beginning to take on that pre-move cluttered look, and before long I suspect it will be in complete disarray.

For instance, there was a full length mirror behind the door in one of the kids’ bedrooms. We’d taken it down and stuffed it into a closet. It was gone last weekend when I needed to check my tie in the mirror. It reappeared lasted night, leaning in the space between two closet doors in our bedroom.

That mirror has some kind of magical power. No one in the house can walk by it without stopping in front of it and striking a pose of some kind. I was laying in bed reading last night and was distracted by what seemed like a parade passing by that mirror:

  • Kelly would stop in front of it to see how the new Vineyard Vines apparel she got on sale at Target looked. There wasn’t time to do that at Target because there was a line just to get at the stuff.
  • The Little Miss would stroll past and strike a pose, while lip syncing to some song or other.
  • My youngest would walk right up to the mirror, grip both sides of its frame, and start blowing kisses at her reflection.
  • I stopped in front of it to look at my eyebrows. The barber was supposed to trim them the last time I got a haircut and forgot. So I decided to check to see if there were any strands particularly out of control.

I knew the mirror was going to be a problem. I was certain that I wake going to wake up in the middle of the night, catch reflected movement off the mirror, and think that someone was standing by the closet.

A thunderstorm passed through around midnight, and one clap exploded right overhead loud enough to jolt us out of sleep. Still half asleep, heart pounding a little from the abrupt awakened, I climbed out of bed and padded the short distance to the bathroom. I do this more often in the middle of the night than I used to. My doctor assures me that at my age, it would be a problem if I wasn’t doing as often.

I took about three steps, and caught motion off to my right. I startled, jumped back a little, and saw someone else jump back in surprise. It was that damn mirror!

I turned the mirror around so that it wasn’t reflecting everything that was happening in the room. I thought if no one saw their reflections, they’d stop pausing in front of it. When I came back to the room a few hours later and caught sight of myself, I realized that someone had turned it back around again.

I can’t wait until we are in the new house and the mirror is back behind the door where it belongs.


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