A Full Month of Posts

Back in December I mentioned how my writing on the blog over the last few years had been decreasing, and that I missed sitting down to write here. I was determined to do better than the 51 posts I wrote in 2020. I noticed today that I am on track to do just that. For the first time in over a year, I wrote at least one post every day in the month of January.

Daily post heat map over the last year.
Daily post frequency over the last year.

That seems like a promising start.

What I find really interest–and this really pleases me–is that there were more comments in January that in all of 2020 combined! I really enjoy the discussions that take place here, I learn new things, and I even discover useful new tools!

It also appears that there is a chance I will surpass 3 million views (all-time) and 1.5 million visitors (all-time) to the blog at some point this year. I’m much closer to the former than the latter at the moment. Even for an informal blog like mine, it seems remarkable that 1.5 million visitors have come through here in the last 12 years (which is as far back as the stats go).

When I told my kids, who are now big YouTube followers, that I was approaching 3 million views on the blog, they were impressed. They compared me to YouTubers with millions of subscribers. Though I was tempted to leave them with that impresssion, I had to tell them the truth: that those 3 million views are cumulative over the last 12 years, and given that there are 365 days in each year, it sort of dilutes things.

Mostly, I’m pleased that I managed to write here every day in January. And grateful for all you readers, your comments, and discussions.



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