So Many Books, So Little Time

There are so many books to read, it sometimes seems hopeless. What’s more, since November my reading has slowed to its lowest ebb in 4 years. I blame it on Brandon Sanderson. I started reading The Way of Kings in mid-November. By the end of November, I finished Words of Radiance. The entire month of December was dedicated to Oathbringer. Somehow, this threw of my pacing and I have quite recovered. Where I’d ordinarily be reading 10-15 books per month, I’m reading four.

I’m almost done reading the biography of Walt Disney that I’ve been slowly making my way through, and I’ve decided that once that book is finished, I’m going to get back into my groove. It often helps me to have a plan of what I’d like to read. The anticipation, like that of a trip, is half the fun. So here are 10 of the books I’m hoping will get me out of these reading doldrums and getting back on pace for my reading goals for 2021:

Here’s hoping I can get back on track. There’s a lot of books out there to read, and the list is only getting longer. As always, the Butterfly Effect of Reading makes this list somewhat fluid.


    1. Roberta, me too. I’ve read many of Isaacson’s biographies and especially enjoyed his biography of Leonardo da Vinci. Waiting for the next book is always the hardest part.

  1. Some list! And I’ve already read two of the books: Moonwalking with Einstein and
    The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (I finished that one earlier today)


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