Yard Work

I woke up this morning certain it was Sunday. I lazed around in bed until nearly 7:30 before finally getting up. The sun was shining and the sky was blue, which was a nice change after 2 days of gray skies, rain, and cold weather. It was cool when I headed out for my morning walk, but the sunshine felt so good. I often think of Superman when I turn my face up to the sun and soak in the warmth, even if the air is cool.

Arriving back home, I was surprised to see the yard crew at the house. They normally come on Mondays–and that’s when I realized it is Monday. I hadn’t realized the yard service worked on holidays. Seeing the yard crew reminded me that I had been putting off some yard work, re-mulching at the front of the house. I headed over to Home Depot and despite a fairly full parking lot at 8:30 am, I managed to get in and out with five bags of mulch in about 5 minutes. I came back home and spread the mulch around the bushes and tree in the front of the house. It looks much better now (although my estimate of 5 bags was probably one bag short).

Newly mulched are of the front yard

Now that I’ve completed that task, I’ve got to get the ladder out so that I can clear out a spot near one of the gutter spouts that I noted some clogging. We have covers for the gutters, but occasionally I notice small leaves getting in there. Maybe I can have that done by 10 am and then have the rest of the the day to relax and enjoy the (finally!) nice weather.


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