My Morning Fix

It has been 54 days since I gave up caffeine. Ever since, I have been relying on my morning walk to take over as my morning fix. I look forward to the walk before I fall asleep at night, in the same way I used to look forward to a Coke in the morning.

My walk takes me through the park next to the house and then I follow the bike paths northeast about a mile and a quarter until I come to our local 7-Eleven. There, I buy myself an orange juice for the walk home. It is another mile and a quarter back, making for a round trip of two and half miles. It takes me about 45 minutes. I usually listen to an audio book while I walk.

I am especially fond of bright, sunny mornings. The sun feels rejuvenating. There are lots of people out, walking, running, biking. I see familiar faces, even though I don’t know the names that go along with them. Overcast mornings aren’t bad, but I like the sunshine better. In 54 days in giving up caffeine, weather hasn’t really prevented my walk.

Going to bed last night it was raining, and the rain was supposed to continue throughout the day today and into Saturday morning. I was a little worried I might not be able to get out for my walk in the morning. It was reminiscent of those days when I went to bed knowing there was no Coca Cola left in the house, and that I’d need to run to the store in the morning if I wanted my caffeine.

And, indeed, I woke up to a steady rain. I paced the house, feeling restless, wondering what I’d do if I didn’t go for my walk. It wasn’t pouring out, but the rain was steady and showed no signs of pausing for 45 minutes for me to squeeze in my walk. Finally, my desire to walk overcame the rain. I got a sturdy umbrella out of the car, and set out.

I made it less than half a mile before the skies opened up and it poured. I tried to keep myself under my umbrella. The sound of the rain was so loud on the umbrella that I couldn’t hear my audio book and had to give it up. But I kept walking. I saw maybe half a dozen other people out braving the weather on the bike paths. Only one of them had an umbrella. The others embraced the rain. I wasn’t rushed. I try not to rush my morning walks. I accepted that my shoes were soaked, but the rest of me stayed relatively dry.

I made it to 7-Eleven, got my orange juice, and headed back. On my way back, I paused on bridge that crosses a stream to watch the normally placid water churn. I often pause on the bridge on the way back. You can see the my 15 seconds of Zen in the video below.

I made it home with wet shoes, but otherwise very happy that I got out for my walk this morning. I feel like I got in my morning fix and I can now proceed with the rest of my day.

15 seconds of Zen on a rainy morning


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