Some Site Updates

I have been self-managing this blog for nearly 12 years now. I enjoy writing here and interacting with everyone, but not so much the work that goes into keeping the site up-and-running. So, over the next few weeks, I will be transferring this site to a site. I am doing this for several reasons:

  • To free up the time I currently spend managing the site and keeping it up-to-date on the back-end so that I can spend more time writing posts and replying to comments.
  • To (hopefully) see some performance improvements on the overall site.
  • To have a place I can go on rare instances where I need additional support on the site.

All of the above items should be relatively transparent. As part of this migration I will be migrating the entire site, including all 6,700+ posts, comments, etc. The domains that point to this site will continue to work (although when the domain is redirected, there may be a short period of down time). Subscriptions should also continue to work normally.

As part of the migration, I am looking find a more modern WordPress theme for the blog than the one I have been using for eight years now. Whatever I find will have a structural similarity to what I have today. It will just be a more modern theme that I don’t have to customize or maintain separately the way I do today.

I am working with WordPress support on this to make it as smooth as possible. I am starting to plan out the steps required to perform this migration, and build a timeline around that. There are a few unknowns. I don’t know, for instance, how long it takes to migrate a site. Once I have that plan finalized, I’ll provide another update to let you all know that I will be starting the migration process.

If all goes well, you should see no significant interruption on the site. Once the migration is completed, I’ll let you know, but you’ll probably know just by looking at the site with the new theme in place.

I’m looking forward to getting this done sooner rather than later because I really am tired of doing the maintenance work myself. I’d much rather spend that time writing here than poking around in the guts.

If anyone has questions about this migration, feel free to drop them in the comment.


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