Site Transfer is Completed

I know I said that this site transfer and update would happen over the next couple of week, but it turns out this was much easier than expected. (It also helped that I had a WordPress expert giving me advice along the way!) The transfer is completed, and the new theme is in place. There are still some things happening in the background:

  • Followers and stats are still being migrated, so if you are a follower and you are not getting updates from the site, please be patient. I have a ticket in to get that resolved ASAP.
  • Likes didn’t seem to transfer either, so I am assuming those will get pulled as part of the stats.
  • I am still tweaking the new theme. It mostly works for me but there are a few quirks–the biggest being that the number of comments are not displayed at the bottom of each post. I’ll be working on the theme over the next couple of days

In the meantime, the DNS updates have happened and if you are here, you are looking at the new site. Have any thoughts or suggestions for the new theme? I’d love the feedback, so drop them in the comments.


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