A Few Blog Notes for the Week of 9/19/2021

Since I have a few random blog-related things to report, I figured I do it in a single post. If you are not interested in the updates to the blog, you can safely skip this post.

  • On Saturday night (9/18), some of you may have noticed an empty post titled, “why I don’t update.” This was me, messing around with the menus on the blog. I meant to add a menu linking to my post on why I don’t update old posts. For some reason, I added a new post by accident, but since it had no content that’s how it got posted. When I discovered this (at 12:30 am) I deleted the post and the social media updates, but in case anyone who saw it was wondering what was up, now you know. Sorry for any confusion.
  • On the reading list, I made most of the major changes that I was hoping to make over the weekend. I pleased enough with the changes to update the menu link on the blog to my What I Have Read Since 1996 to the new page. You can expect more updates over the coming days and weeks, but the core functionality is there now. Going forward, my posts that refer to my reading list will point there.
  • This coming week will see 2 posts on Obsidian. I haven’t written much on it lately, but I have a renewed commitment to using Obsidian going forward. For those of you interested in Obsidian, in my paperless posts, and in productivity in general, keep an eye out for these posts coming this week.
  • This week marks the fifth consecutive week in a row that the blog stats have been going up. I’m nowhere near back to where I was in 2013-15, but the consistency (and quality?) is definitely paying off. Indeed, not counting January and Decembers, month in which my numbers always go up considerably, this month is looking to be my best since October 2018. I just want to thank everything who reads here, everyone who leaves comments, and those of you who have reached out to me directly. It’s a joy to have such great readers.
  • So far, it seems that people like the Retro Posts (and Retro Post summaries) as well as the Interest Reads posts I’ve been doing, so you can expect those to continue.

That’s what I have got. As always, if you have any comments, requests, or suggestions, drop me a comment, or shoot me and email. And thanks again for reading.


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