A Home For My Field Notes

I was doing some holiday shopping and decided to add myself to the list. I bought myself an early present: a home for my Field Notes notebooks: their archival wooden box. Here is what the home looks like, inside and out:

I’ve organized the notebooks inside the box by date, which is convenient for me. The box came with enough dividers to get me through 2026. I put a few unused notebooks in here to fill up the space in the meantime. Those are just a handful off all of the unused notebooks I have on hand. Likely, I already have enough to last me a lifetime. Even so, I just renewed my annual subscription to Field Notes for the 7th year in a row. My shelf of notebooks now looks like this (left side and right–I couldn’t get both in a single image. You can see my note Field Notes box in the center between my reference books and my old typewriter.

I also ordered myself a couple of Field Notes t-shirts, as well as their 2022 Work Station calendar (which I had a search for elsewhere last year because they’d already sold out). Those should be arriving sometime next week. Among these things, I also picked up some gifts for friends and family. Notebooks, like book, often make great gifts for people.

It’s nice to have a home for these notebooks, at least for the ones that I have already filled up. At the rate I use them, that home should last a few more years before it become full and I have to seek out another one.

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