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Since I have started writing two posts a day, I have been getting ahead of myself. Today, for instance, is January 20, 2022, and the two posts I wrote today are now scheduled for January 29 and January 30 respectively. Between now and then, every day is already scheduled, and each day I write two posts extends this lead by another day.

Since I often write about things that are happening around the time that I write my posts, this creates something of a problem. If I refer to, say, the fact that reddit is down at the moment in a post I wrote today but that won’t be published for 9 more days, there is something of a disconnect.

To help reduce that confusion, you will begin to notice a dateline at the bottom of my posts. The dateline will simply read something like: “Written on January 20, 2022.” It will be in an smaller font with a yellow background to call it out. When reading a postl you can always refer to the dateline to see when it was actually written, as opposed to when it was published.

I just wanted to call this to your attention so you know why you see these datelines when they start appearing. And just in case it isn’t clear what they will look like, I’ve included one on this post.

Written on January 20, 2022.

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