Fall Colors, 2022

It is finally beginning to look like fall around here, so I thought I’d share a few photos of the fall colors. The first photo below is from a week or so ago on my morning walk. The colors seemed more subdued in the photo than in real like, a testament to my total lack of ability when it comes to taking photos.

An early morning shot with the moon setting in the west
An early morning shot with the moon setting in the west.

This photo, one of my favorites so far, captures the fall sky and the colors just beginning to turn by the dark down the street from our house.

Fall sky over changing colors in the local park
Fall sky.

It’s kind of funny, but it seems to me that everyone who passes this orange-looking tree on the bike path stops to take a photo of it. Including me.

A popular tree with orange leaves
Orange leaves.

This is another tree that people seem to stop and photo quite a bit this fall. It is actually just outside my home office. You can see it from inside my office in the photo below this one.

A tree outside my home office.
Fall color.

Here, you can see that same tree through the windows of my office. Several times a day I’ll look up from my work to find someone out there, walking their dog, and pausing to take a picture of this tree (which is actually in our next-door neighbor’s yard).

A view of the same tree from inside my home office.
A view of that colorful tree from inside my home office.

Here is one more from the back deck just this very morning.

Fall sunrise colors on the back deck.
Fall sunrise colors on the back deck.

Finally, here are a couple of photos that capture some of the Halloween decorating that Kelly and the kids have done to the house. Our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween. That ghostly thing you see on the righthand side of the photo below is motion-activated and has scared the pants off me at least twice when I’ve walked past it to take out the trash or recycling.

Some Halloween decorations around the house.
Some Halloween decorations around the house.

And below we have a tableau in which older versions of Kelly and I, relax in our retirement.

A pair of skeletons have a quiet conversation on the patio.
A quiet conversation on the patio

Happy fall, everyone!

Written on October 27, 2022.

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