Humor for a Tuesday morning

Tuesdays seem like they are neglected, so I decided to post something funny in honor of the fact that it is Tuesday. (And in truth, seeing my high school class group revived on Facebook spurred the idea.) So without further delay, here is a picture of yours truly, taken in either the fall of 1989 or the spring of 1990. I’m not sure which. I was either getting ready to go to homecoming or prom. Note the hair! It’s incredible that what seemed so cool back then looks so ridiculous now. Compare that to my author photo–more or less what I look like today.


And don’t forget to leave your ridicule, mocking, teasing, and any other thoughts you have in the comments. Happy Tuesday!


    1. Mike, you win the prize! I was a huge MacGyver fan in high school. Part of the reason I hate the NFL today is because Monday night football used to preempt MacGyver. (It was on at 9pm in L.A. and the Monday night games would sometimes go on past 9:30.) You can’t see it in the picture, but I had a Swiss Army knife in my pocket. 😉


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