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Monday morning

I got to sleep in a little because I was working from home this morning. I woke up around 6:30, when Zeke got sick on my bed. Turned out he was fine, just the usual cat getting sick, but I get anxious whenever he does this because of problems he’s had in the past. He was happy 5 minutes later so I didn’t have much to worry about.

I started working at 7 AM and worked fairly steadily until just before 11 AM, when Dad and I headed to the Metro station. We took the train down to L’Enfant, where we said goodbye. Dad headed out to Dulles and I headed into work. The next time Dad is out is one week before I move and the house should be all packed up at that point.

My plan is to try and squeeze in an arm and shoulder workout some time today, if I can. I also need to mow the front yard and will try and do that after work. And writing? I can’t seem to find the time lately, but I am trying.

June? Already?

June 1 falls at the beginning of the week (a Sunday) which means that next Friday will be Friday the Thirteenth. Can you believe it’s already June? Mom’s birthday was yesterday and that means that Doug’s birthday is just a few days away.

Dad and I went to the Orioles/Red Sox game today. Dad’s streak is in tact. No rain. The stadium was packed with Red Sox fans, as usual. The Red Sox had something like 9 hits in the first three innings, and made some terrific defensive plays. I saw Manny hit home run #501 (#500 was last night). It was a fun game.

After the game, we came back home, Dad got some dinner at Boston Market, and then I headed over to Kelly’s friend Sarah’s house to meet Sarah’s parents, who are like a second family to Kelly. They had barbecued and the ribs were outstanding! It was a lot of fun, and I would have stayed longer, but I had to run down to my office to pick up my laptop so that I can work from home in the morning. That took half an hour to do and I was home around 9:40 PM.

I finished up what work I had to do this evening and I’m getting ready for bed. I’m about 110 pages through The Cosmic Connection and I’m really enjoying it. May get a little reading in before turning out the light tonight.

A busy Saturday

I went to bed early last night and I was up early this morning. I took Dad over to Starbucks so he could get some coffee, then we came back home and I had breakfast. Around 9 AM, we headed out, first to fill up the car with gas, then to Home Depot to look for some springs and window locks. Finally, we set out for Annapolis.

It was humid today, and even by the water in Annapolis, though the skies were clear, it was muggy. We walked down Main Street and then cut over to the Naval Academy. Dad hadn’t been through the new visitor entrance. We went through and headed to the gift store, where he got a new Naval Academy baseball cap. We walked around the campus grounds for a while and then headed back to the car.

Next, we set out for Arlington. It took us about an hour to get there, but I drove to where our new house is and showed Dad the area. From there, we headed over to Pentagon City where I parked, called Kelly, found out they were heading to the Spy Museum, and we caught a train to meet them there sometime around 2 PM.

The International Spy Museum was kind of interesting. It wasn’t like your Smithsonian. For one thing, it cost $18/person to get in. For another, they had it set up kind of like an interactive game, which I wasn’t fond of. Finally, I found that I simply didn’t trust everything I read there in the same manner I would from a more established museum like Smithsonian or the American Museum of Natural History. Still, it was fun to wander around the place. Kelly was there, as was her brother and nephew and her brother’s friend.

While we were at the Spy Museum, the skies opened up and the rain came down in sheets, with accompanying thunder and lightening. We all managed to make it to the restaurant across the street for a late lunch/early dinner. By the time the meal was over and we were all full, the rain stopped and we walked over the National Air and Space Museum. Dad and I stayed there for a little while before finally catching a metro back to Pentagon City and then driving home.

It was a fun day, busy, too. Tomorrow will be much of the same, minus the rain. We’ve got the Orioles/Red Sox game in the early afternoon, and then I’ve got a barbecue in the evening.

Dad is in town!

Busy work day today. I worked something like 9 hours without even attempting to take a break. I skipped the gym and today was supposed to be my first lower body workout since starting back up at the gym again.

I did start reading Carl Sagan’s The Cosmic Connection, one of the only books of his that I have not yet read.

Dad got in on schedule and I met him at the P.G. Plaza metro after work. We stopped back at the house for a little while, and then headed to Franklin’s for dinner.

Dinner with Mom and Dad

We met Kelly’s friend in the morning for brunch and shopping. Mostly shopping. It was nice though. The weather was warm and we wandered about the Third Street Promenade. Kelly decided that she needed a skirt because she hadn’t really packed for warm weather. She ended up getting a poofy white skirt and a nice dark blue tank top at the last store we visited, which was Banana Republic, of course. We had brunch at California Pizza Kitchen and then Kelly and I walked back to the hotel.

We napped for a while and then got ready for Mom and Dad’s visit. They arrived shortly after 2 PM, and met us at the hotel room. It was the first time Kelly met them, although she’d spoken to Dad briefly on the phone a while back. I think it went well. After sitting around chatting for a while, we walked over to the Santa Monica pier, walked it’s length, talked browsed, took pictures, and got a little too much sun. I was very thirsty and suggested we head back to the hotel, which has a lounge and bar. Wouldn’t you know it–the bar was closed and wasn’t scheduled to open until 5:30! I ran over to the local AM/PM to get sodas for everyone–and managed to get the wrong one for Mom. But we sat around some more, chatting, and then finally headed over to Ocean Avenue Seafood for dinner.

We were seated in the patio area and I think we had a very nice dinner. I had the salmon, and Kelly had the Mahi-mahi. For some reason, I couldn’t eat very much. I’m not sure why. But dinner was great, Mom and Dad were great, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. They dropped us back off at the hotel sometime around 8 PM, and I think we were both pretty tired, although we did stay up long enough to watch a Harry Potter movie on network television.

Oh to be done with it all!

It’s on days like this, when I reach the frantic apogee of work hours and stress, that I am envious of people who don’t have to put up with it all any more. And so it happens that Dad is now one of those people. Yesterday was he last day on the job. He is now officially retired.

Me, I’m just tired.

Congratulations, Dad!

Thanksgiving dinner

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner last night. First, we had everyone over at Mom and Dad’s: me, he110_sunshine, stubiebrother, Doug, Rachel, Ruby and Carson. This year was a non-traditional year for dinner. We had excellent crab legs, delicious prime rib, rice, and broccoli. There was plenty of food and it was all delicious. Doug and Rachel made dessert. We sipped drinks after dinner, it was a lot of fun.

I was exhausted soon after dinner, but we stayed up so that Mom, Jen and Jason could watch Gray’s Anatomy. Jen, Jason and I slept on air mattresses down in the living room. Lights were out by 10:30 PM and I slept really well.

We were up at around 7:30 this morning. I was hungry as soon as I woke up. Mom made me chocolate chip pancakes. I ate 6 of them and they hit the spot. Doug, Jason and I head off to our Scuba lesson in about half an hour. Meanwhile, Jen and Rachel are going to their spa treatments soon. I think they are going shopping later. Today is black Friday. But if you ask me, you’ve got to be crazy to go shopping today.

Monday wrapup

I was up just after 4 AM. I had to take Dad to the airport this morning and he wanted to leave at 4:45 AM, so I had to be up a little before that. The roads were empty and I got him to Dulles airport (37 miles away) in about 40 minutes. In fact, I made it back almost in time to make my normal train into work. I missed it by only 2 minutes so that I actually arrived in the office at 6:38 instead of 6:30.

Busy, productive day today. I got some software installed on a new server this morning. I worked from home in the afternoon, so that I could check on Zeke and also give him some of his pain medicine. He seems to be doing fine, so far. Purring, playful, eating, using his litter box. I’m the anxious one! I spent the afternoon working on project requirements documentation, and I hope to have most of it finished up tomorrow.

After work, I came into my home office to write. And in the space of about 90 minutes, I did about 1,300 words. I have an old story for which I got some good feedback (the original story is from 2003) that I felt could be better, knowing what I know 4 years later. So I began to rewrite it from scratch, trying to keep it to the same length as the original (about 5,500 words), but improving both the story and the writing. So far, I’m very pleased with it.

I’m about 100 pages through Spook Country and nearly finished with my re-read of Getting Things Done. I plan on getting through more of Spook Country shortly. Then at 7 PM, I’ll watch the Yankee/O’s game until Big Love comes on.

I have a busy weekend coming up. I’m spending the whole weekend on the “collection” and “processing” phases of the GTD process. And I also have an appointment at Saturn to have the hinge in the drivers door of my car replaced. I’m having my brakes checked while I’m there, as they’ve started to squeak and feel a little low.

Burgers, beers and soups

Dad is in town this weekend. He got here late yesterday afternoon, and then got to spend the evening with me at the animal hospital in Annapolis. We went back there this morning to collect Zeke, who, by the way, is supposed to be drinking more water, and is not only drinking more, but is now playing in it!

Once Zeke was home (and I was relieved), we decided to get out of the house for a while. First, we headed to Silver Spring for lunch at Five Guys. I’d never been there before, but wanted to go, since people have said that Five Guys is a lot like In-n-Out. I have to beg to differ. The burger was good, I’ll grant that, but it was no In-n-Out burger. For one thing, the buns were different. For another, there was no thousand island dressing or whatever it is they put in their Double-Doubles. And the meat wasn’t seasoned the same way. And forget the fries! Although Five Guys creatively posts the type of potatoes being used that day for their fries, they were no where near as good as In-n-Out. Don’t get me wrong, the food was good. It just doesn’t compare to In-n-Out in my opinion.

Later in the afternoon, we headed downtown to walk around for a bit. The weather cooled off today so it was only in the upper 80s, which was a pleasant change. We walked to the National Air and Space Museum and browsed around there for half an hour or so, and then continued walking around until we ended up at Austin Grill, where we had some beer and where I had chips and guacamole.

After that we headed home and relaxed for a while. Zeke got into a playful mood and I was overjoyed to see him happy and not uncomfortable. We played for a while and then both Zeke and I dozed off (with his chin on my arm) for a little while.

We went to Franklin’s for dinner. I wasn’t hungry, but Dad wanted the crab cakes. We also got some of their special microbrews, which were pretty good. I found an outstanding Cheddar Beer Soup on the menu. I think it was new because I don’t remember seeing it before. It was delicious! When we got home, we watched about half of Road to Bali and by then I was pretty tired so I decided to head off to bed, read for a while, and then head off to sleep.

I got a very nice thank you note from vickyandnorm in the mail today (thanking me for their wedding gifts). There’s a very cute picture of Vicky and Norm and two of their friends on the front of the thank you card–but, alas, it is not the picture that I suggested they use. I suspect they were too self-conscious to use that one.