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SF Signal Podcast Episode 66: On Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions

I am part of the group of panelists for the latest episode of the SF Signal Podcast, talking about our experiences at science fiction and fantasy conventions. It is a well-timed podcast. We recorded it the day before Readercon and it is now available, the day after Readercon. In this one, I tell the story of the first convention I ever attended, and how I got to meet Robert J. Sawyer there. It’s a great discussion and there’s some good advice for folks attending conventions. Other panelists include:


Go have a listen!

SF Signal podcast #59: Science fiction series that deserve the HBO treatment

In SF Signal‘s podcast #59, a number of panelists, including me, are asked the question: “What science fiction series deserves the HBO 10-episode-per-book treatment?” There are so many interesting answers that I am going to have to listen to the podcast, despite having been in it myself. There wasn’t time for me to jot down all of the interesting books to read. Other participants include:

One day, I think Patrick should put together a podcast made entirely of outtakes from the various episodes. 🙂

SF Signal Podcast: The best alien invasion stories

Ever wonder what the best alien invasion stories are? Novels, short stories, comic books, movies, TV shows? Head over to SF Signal today and listen to the SF Signal Podcast #53 panel discussion: What’s your favorite alien invasion story. Panelists include Jeff Patterson, Lisa Paitz Spindler, Jay Garmon, Fred Kiesche, John DeNardo, Patrick Hester, and yours truly. It’s a good discussion. (And I think I sound a little less like my brother this time around.)

SF Signal Podcast on the Hugo Award Best Novel Finalists (with me!)

Episode 53 of the SF Signal podcast is now available online for your listening pleasure. This week’s installment includes a panel discussion on the 2011 Hugo Award for Best Novel finalists, and among the panelists involved in the discussion is yours truly. Take a listen to it, if you are so inclined, because it really is a good discussion and gives you a good feel for the great books on the final ballot this year.

Who knew podcasting could be so much fun!

As I mentioned yesterday, I did my first live participation in a podcast last night. Well, we al discussed the topic live, but the discussion was recorded and will be made available as a podcast in the not-too-distant future. It was with the fine folks over at SF Signal and it was so much fun. They are all smart and funny. It was great to be able to participate. What’s more, it was nice to actually get to hear the voices of the people whose stuff I read on SF Signal day-in and day-out. Ain’t the Internet grand?

These guys will probably laugh at me when they read this, but I was pretty nervous leading up to this event. I generally don’t have a problem speaking in front of large groups. I’ve done it at work plenty of times, and I’ve done it for other things as well. But get me in a virtual conference call with a bunch of other science fiction fans, writers, bloggers, reviewers, podcasters and I get a little star-struck and nervous. Go figure. It was really a lot of fun and I hope I get to do it again sometime soon.

And of course, when the podcast goes live, I’ll let you know.

My first podcast appearance is now live

Go over to SF Signal and check out Episode 37 of the SF Signal Podcast, which asks “Which 3 female authors of the last 100 years had the same impact on science fiction as “The Big Three”: Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and Robert Heinlein?” There are a lot of smart people answering the question and I urge you to listen to the whole podcast because it is very interesting, even if you are only a casual fan of the genre.

Having said that, if you are in a rush, my part was recorded separately and I come in sometime during the last 5 minutes or so. Enjoy!

My first podcast recording

Today, I participated in my first ever podcast for the folks over at SF Signal. The actual discussion was earlier in the week and I couldn’t be there for that, but I was able to record my thoughts on the topic separately and in fact, I just finished doing that about two minutes ago, which is why my hands are still shaking and I’m correcting several typos in this post that you can’t see. I don’t mind talking, and I don’t mind public speaking, but this is the first time I’ve ever done something like this, and despite knowing the topic pretty well, I was nervous and I just hope I didn’t come across sounding foolish.

Of course, once the podcast has been edited and posted online, I’ll let you know and you can listen in. I can promise you it is an interesting topic.

An hour in the Golden Age

The Science Fiction Oral History Association has started a series of podcasts called their Space Dog Podcast and the first of which is an interview from 1976 with Arthur C. Clarke, followed by an extraordinary panel interview with Isaac Asimov, Frederik Pohl, Lester del Rey and Gordon R. Dickson.  I’ve heard individual interviews with Isaac Asimov and even Frederick Pohl before, but never have I heard an interview in which these four men bantered like they do here, talking mostly about science fiction and writing.  For an hour, I felt like I was sitting in a room with these giants of the genre and it was an absolutely delightful experience.  It made me realize how lucky I am to have read their work, and especially, how lucky I am to be considered a science fiction writer, even a lowly one, and be associated with their ranks.  If you like science fiction, you must listen to this interview.

Isaac Asimov Speaks!

The Time Traveler Show has, as it’s 10th show, an hour long talk given by Isaac Asimov at Johns Hopkins University on March 3, 1974. It is available as a podcast, or you can listen to it on the website. I’m listening to it right now and it is great! Asimov is a terrific speaker, and in addition to being a great teacher, he is also very funny. Check it out!

Pushups and podcasts

35 pushups? I blew past that and kept on going. I did 39-1/2 pushups tonight. That last one I couldn’t lock my arms completely and so I call it 39-1/2 instead of 40. But if I can hit 40 tomorrow night then I’ll start on the second set which will eventually go up to 30. Tonight I noticed for the first time that the first 20 pushups seemed really easy.

I listened to a podcast of Bill Shunn on a local NYC radio station, from his website this evening. It was a good podcast, and also marks the first podcast to I’ve ever listened to. Outside of the science fiction realm, one may not recognize his name, but he has written a number of good pieces of short fiction. I read him for the first time in college between the covers of SCIENCE FICTION AGE in a story titled, “Two Paths in the Forest Toulemonde”. I have the complete set of all SCIENCE FICTION AGE magazines and that particular story goes up in the top 5 or so stories I ever read in that magazine (Martha Soukup’s “A Defense of Social Contracts” and Barry Malzberg’s, “The Passage of the Light” were a few other great ones, to give some comparison.)