Pushups and podcasts

35 pushups? I blew past that and kept on going. I did 39-1/2 pushups tonight. That last one I couldn’t lock my arms completely and so I call it 39-1/2 instead of 40. But if I can hit 40 tomorrow night then I’ll start on the second set which will eventually go up to 30. Tonight I noticed for the first time that the first 20 pushups seemed really easy.

I listened to a podcast of Bill Shunn on a local NYC radio station, from his website this evening. It was a good podcast, and also marks the first podcast to I’ve ever listened to. Outside of the science fiction realm, one may not recognize his name, but he has written a number of good pieces of short fiction. I read him for the first time in college between the covers of SCIENCE FICTION AGE in a story titled, “Two Paths in the Forest Toulemonde”. I have the complete set of all SCIENCE FICTION AGE magazines and that particular story goes up in the top 5 or so stories I ever read in that magazine (Martha Soukup’s “A Defense of Social Contracts” and Barry Malzberg’s, “The Passage of the Light” were a few other great ones, to give some comparison.)


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