The problem with business travel on Friday nights

I got back to the hotel at around 5 PM and I am bored out of my mind. Everyone always has plans on Friday nights so it’s hard to find people to hang out with. I figured I’d come back here to the hotel and read or write, and I find that I’m in the mood to do neither.

I went over to the AM/PM earlier and got some chips and a sandwich for five bucks, rather than order room service for $50 or eat in the restaurant for $35. But it is now 8 PM and I am in bed, writing this because I am bored. I’m looking forward to hanging out with Andy, Mandy, and Lisa tomorrow, but at this point, tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

I’ve started listening to some Billy Joel to pass the time. I imagine I will either fall asleep or read in the not too distant future.


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