vs DirecTV

I canceled my subscription today, and instead, ordered the sports package on DirecTV (not the “Extra Innings” package but the monthly premium package). There are several reasons:

  1. was not working well on my Macs and I didn’t want to use it on my work PC.
  2. is $15/month and the resolution is fair at best
  3. The premium sports package on DirecTV is $10/month (because I already have the HBO package)
  4. The premium sports package includes several dozen channels including YES, NESN and many FOX Sports channels. I can see just as many Yankee games and ultimately, at a cheaper price.

Incidentally, I was on hold for a hair over 15 minutes waiting to cancel my subscription. But I finally got through to a rep, cancelled the subscription and received a confirmation by email.

And by the time I got home from work, my sports package was already working so I can watch the Yankee game on YES tonight.


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