The cookie place, redux

Once again, I decided to try the Cookie place in the Mall below my office. There was a different girl there this time, so I figured what the heck.

I got 2 cookies and 2 milks and headed back up to my office. I popped open a milk, took a swig–and it was spoiled. I’d swallowed a little, but spit the rest out in my trashcan. I checked the “Sell By” dates, and sure enough, both had a date of June 3. Now, I realize that the sell-by date does not mean the “goes-bad-on” date. But in this case, it was way beyond.

I went back downstairs to get my money back, which, believe it or not, took some doing. But get it back I did.

Now, I’m gloomy. I don’t know what happens when someone drinks a tiny amount of spoiled milk, but I’m having visions of unsettled stomachs, and who knows what else. I’m trying to drown myself in water and Sprite, but I have no idea if that will do anything, or make matters worse. When you ingest many types of poisons, you are supposed to drink milk because milk is a base and it neutralizes the acid in poison. But what are you supposed to drink when the “poison” is milk?

And now I have to worry about this for the rest of the day. Nice!

UPDATE: I’ve decided that if I listen to my iPod as loudly as possible, it will distract me from the impending destruction my digestive system is about to wreak. So far, I feel fine.


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