Simple pleasures

When I was a kid, I could recall wanting everything. See a toy in a TV commercial: I want that! See some candy at the story: I want that! See a book in the library: I want that! I thought that when I grew up I’d eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and I would gorge myself on sweet stuff as often as possible.

Somewhere between wanting all that and the present moment, I grew up and in doing so, I lost the urge to gorge myself on sweet stuff as often as possible. Now, the Little Man sees a commercial for toys on TV and wants them. He sees toys in the circulars that come in the mail and wants them. Ask him what he wants for dinner and he says, “Candy!” Full circle.

Thoreau may have had his simple pleasures sitting out on Walden lake, but I’ve managed to find my own. Like just now, the Little Man and the Little Miss downstairs with Kelly watching Cars on the big TV and it’s quiet up here on the main floor. I can go into a quiet kitchen, pour myself a tall glass of 1% milk, take 3 Chips Ahoy cookies out of the package and then sit down at the dinner table with my book and see how long I can make the milk and cookies and quiet last.

If I can get ten minutes out of it, I call it a win.

What are your simple pleasures?


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