Busy season

It has gotten busy here at work. I have finished up one project, and am in the middle of managing a second. Tomorrow, I head to Pittsburgh for two days of requirements meetings on a third project that I will be managing. And in the meantime, there is a fourth project on which I am developer, but not a project manager.

The last couple of months have been very low stress for me. The trick now is to maintain the low stress levels, but actually somehow manage to make all of this projects work within the limited 40 hour week that I put in. (Going over 40 hours is the first thing to raise the stress levels.) I don’t know if it’s possible.

I’ll be in Pittsburgh Thursday and Friday, as I mentioned, and that will mark my first time to Pittsburgh. Friday night, I’m flying to New York and spending the long weekend there, helping jen_ashlock and Jason move from Astoria to Manhattan. I plan on seeing Superman Returns again while I’m in the city.

I’m about 100 pages through Will Durant’s Our Oriental Heritage and I’m really enjoying it. He has a great writing style and the stuff is really fascinating. I’ve already culled one new story idea from what I’ve read. One of the most interesting things is the social context in which that book was written. It was published in 1935, well after World War I and a few years before World War II, but the spectre of war permeates the pages, as in this passage on Cro-Mangnon and Neanderthals:

The distribution of their fossils suggests that [the Cro-Magnon] fought for many decades, perhaps centuries, a war with the Neanderthals for the possession of Europe; so old is the conflict between Germany and France.

It makes me think that it’s a good thing that France is playing Brasil and not Germany in the World Cup. Could you imagine if France and Germany had to face each other again?


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