August Was a Busy Month – Just Look at the Numbers

It certainly felt busy, what with the projects I am juggling at the day job taking up so much of my time. But I didn’t realize just how busy August was until I looked at the numbers.

RescueTime tells me that I spent nearly 300 hours in August on the computer:

RescueTime - August 2015

More than a third of that time was spent on various software development projects. A mere 7% was spent on social networking, which is low for me overall, and which probably helps explain how quite I’ve been online recently. Oh, and that spike you see on August 14? That was an 18 hour and 40 minute day. Put another way: there were 744 hours in the month of August. Nearly half of them, I was working on the computer.

That much work has its affect on other parts of my life. I wrote a total of about 13,000 words in the month of August, and so far as I can tell, for the first time since February 2013, I did not crack more than 1,000 words in a day for the entire month1.

Writing in August 2015

I spent a total of 9.5 hours writing in August. Meaning that of those 300 hours I spent on the computer, only about 3% of the time was spent writing. Still my writing streak remains intact, and with my writing finished for today, I have 772 consecutive days of writing under my belt.

My stress level increased tremendously in the month of August. I can tell this because my shoulders and neck are tight to the point that they are painful when I wake up in the morning. Part of my stress relief used to be getting out for a walk a few times a day to clear my head. But I’ve been so busy that I’ve neglected those walks. Last August, I managed to walk nearly 300,000 steps (135 miles). This August–wait for it–191,000 steps (87 miles).

I also managed to read only 2 books in August. Again, my time was taken up by work.

I find myself in a crunch that I’ve never experienced before, with three major projects converging at the same time. Hopefully, things will lighten up a bit at the end of this month, as two of the three projects wrap up. In the meantime, I am looking to get back into my regular walking routine. That walking was a great way to relieve tension and stress throughout the day, and the way I’ve been feeling lately, I could use that kind of relief.

  1. Compare this to June, when I wrote nearly 30,000 words in the month.


  1. Any chance that November will be freed up enough for you to take on NaNoWriMO again? I’m giving it consideration.

    1. Pam, I don’t think so. With my ongoing streak (now at 777 consecutive days), I don’t see any advantage to NaNoWriMo for me. Given my schedule, I don’t think it is realistic for me to get much more than 1,000 words/day right now. But I’ll keep an eye on your progress should you decide to give a shot! 🙂

  2. I have been so undisciplined about writing. Thought a nice little competition might get me back on track. Maybe knowing you are keeping an eye on me will help. But who is going to do all those great graphs and charts for me?!!


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