Baby Fever

This is somewhat of an inside joke so bear with me here. This weekend, Jason and I wrote a song together with Jen as our audience. The phrase “baby fever” is a kind of inside joke between us and a few other people, the meaning of which all parties in the know will be very familiar with. In any case, Jason did the music on his eukalele, and I wrote the lyrics. We are still lacking a chorus and are open for suggestions, but here’s how the song goes, lyrics-wise anyway:

Baby Fever

She says she don’t want kids
But I just don’t believe her
Saw her looking at a Bugaboo
My girl’s got baby fever

Raising teens is such a pain
Just look at Wally and the Beaver
But my girl don’t care and that’s because
She’s got baby fever

I saw her take a pill last night
I didn’t see her cheek it
There’s something going on inside
I think she’s got a secret

She’s eating more, she’s drinking less
She’s made me a believer
She’s got it going on tonight
She’s got baby fever

They want to name her Juliette
But first they must conceive her
Rock and rolling all night long
She’s got baby fever

Early morning vomitting
Does nothing to relieve her
She’s eating out of house and home
She’s got baby fever

She was a two, she’s now a ten
She moves just like a weeble
She’s moody and cantakerous
I feel oh so feeble

She’s howling, screaming, “Give me drugs!”
I wnated to relieve her
Nine hours later, it’s all done
Thanks to baby fever

Up at two and three and four
Just so she can feed her
No sleep, no peace, no quiet and
No more baby fever!

Thank you. Thank you very much!


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