More work on “Graveyard Shift”

I just finished going through the first 7,800 words of “Graveyard Shift” tightening it up a bit, making some correction, and looking for loose ends. And you know what. So far, it reads pretty well I think, and it moves pretty quickly. The novella presently stands at 16,300 words. There are at least three more sections that need to be added. And it was the ending that was somewhat of a mess and will require some additional work. Given that, I still expect this thing to top off close to 20,000 words. But through the first eighth parts of the story, I am very pleased with what I now have.

The ninth part will require a complete rewrite because of some earlier changes I made (including a change to a character’s name a circumstances) but that’s good jumping off point for next time. I’m stopping for now. Getting ready to watch the All-Star game.


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