More progress on “Graveyard Shift”

I just finished a good writing session, getting in another 2,400 words. I’ve just about reached the climax of the story (will certainly get through that tomorrow) and the rest is just tying up the loose ends. As it stands, the story is now just over 20,000 words (just over 100 manuscript pages) long, but some of that is going to go away when I rewrite a few sections tomorrow. So really, I think the story stands at 17,800 words (88 manuscript pages).

It’s feeling pretty good too. I can tell I’m getting close to the ending and the index cards have helped enormously. I haven’t gone back and read the whole thing end-to-end in a while, so I’m still hoping its got the quick pacing. Anyway, I hope to get another 2,000 words or so done tomorrow.


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